View Full Version : BRC gets St Police Approval

March 1, 2002, 06:51 PM
Black Rifle Convention gets official Illinois State Police approval

What this "officially" means, is that non-Illinois residents may transfer firearms (long guns only) at the BRC, without the requisite 24 hour waiting period. Illinois residents are still required to posess a valid FOID card and the waiting period still stands. Obviously, the federal NICS check is still required.

Due to a clause in the state's bylaws, we took the necessary steps to petition the Illinois State Police to have the BRC exempt from regular prohibitions. This just goes to prove that persistance wins out every time!

Finally, those that have been condemning this event based upon Illinois laws, can now sleep a little easier at night...

The following is a scan of the 2 page letter I received from them yesterday afternoon... This letter will be on display at the main registration tent, and a copy will be made available to vendors and attendees upon request.