View Full Version : Long lost auto5 treasures found!(long)

November 12, 1999, 04:59 AM
Please forgive me if I seem a little excited.
My father passed away 3 years ago and I brought his guns home to my fire res. safe.
They are well maintained but I haven't done much else with them. Until now.
I was going to use the auto5 mag20 for some bird hunting, but as I disassembled I realized the friction rings for Mag loads were missing. About this time, I also realized this A5 appears to be mint-unfired.
So last night I visited my mother and asked her to help me look for a small envelope in a house filled with a lifetime of 'stuff'.
After some deep digging(I think I passed by some dinasaur bones) I found a couple boxes. one full of old shell boxes, brand new old cleaning kits, hopppes #9, lots of neat old misc.- some of it obviously my grandfather's.
The other box was full of documentation, brochures, etc. A large envelope marked Browning contained my friction rings, a Dec 1967 'Sports Afield' bookmarked to a full page announcement of the new Mag 20 "specialist or generalist", letters from Browning, color catalogs, brochures, reciepts, owners manuals for 3 old Browning shotguns (all but the belgian light 12).
Looks like he saw the article, wrote to Browning, got the A5 all in the same month.
Also found most of a case of loads for the "sweet 16"... Lots of neat stuff.
I'm going to be finishing my den this winter. Looks like I'll have some great stuff to display on the walls and shelves.
Biggest problem now is deciding- do I shoot it or not??????
Oh yeah, and my other problem is trying to get my wife to understand the great importance all those boxes of stuff in our basement.(it only looks like junk from a distance)