View Full Version : browning gold hunter 3 1/2 questions

November 11, 1999, 11:42 PM
I am about to purchase this gun new and was wondering if there are any modifications or additional chokes i should get. I will us it for dove and some duck hunting mostly as well as some sport clay shooting, I am new to the shot gun and rifle world but think the browning would be a good all around gun, also the price was right for 750.00 new. are there any special breakin procedures or areas of trouble i should watch for. I know some people will say should have bought a Bernelli but man i couldnt swallow the cost for my first gun, or Remmington for best bang for the buck. I did get one the 11-87 as a new loaner to shoot and have the option to buy it for 375.00. its 5 years old but only shot twice, 1 box of shells. thanks for the info.