View Full Version : Steel shot in barrels made for lead shot - safe?

November 2, 1999, 07:46 PM
This may be a stupid question, but, is it safe to use steel shot in a barrel designed for lead shot?

I can't see it being much of a problem, but how long would the barrel last before it starts to deform?

Would accuracy degrade quickly(?) or am I making this out to be more than it is?

This relates back to a Winchester Model 12, 12 gauge, 2-3/4". There are replacement barrels available, but are only spec'ed for lead shot.

I can't seem to find anything about this using the search feature.

Could someone enlighten me on this issue.



November 3, 1999, 07:24 AM
I tend to stay away from steel shot in older shotguns. The reason is that steel shot doesn't compress in the forcing cone and in the choke like lead shot and it creats alot more stress in the gun barrel and most older shotguns have a much lighter barrel contour. Even in the new guns I usually use a modified choke for steel shot.


November 11, 1999, 05:41 PM
With IP/MOD.,and shot cups,you should be all right.Please correct me.I`ve done it with my Superposed with no ill effects.The old 870,I don`t care much about replacing a bbl.