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Gordon Woodrow
November 10, 1999, 06:28 PM
I have a Parker Invincible. Looking for hard to find information on valuation.This is gun mentioned in THE PARKER STORY Vol.I on page 378.(#233565) Very complete provenance including: Original letters (signed H.L.Carpenter) confirming order and specs to Dr. Henry Lyman,invoices, hanging tags and catalogs. Original stock included although broken. New stock with letters etc by Del Greco in 1981. I would appreciate any information you may have on how many were made and if there are any recent documented sales.

November 10, 1999, 06:48 PM
Mr. Woodrow, I would suggest you take a look at Shootingsportsman.com. From there you can find a comprehensive bb on double guns.

November 11, 1999, 08:05 AM
You may also want to try:

www.gunshop.com (http://www.gunshop.com)

They also have a BBS and links to dealers and such. You will no doubt find several folks who will take it off your hands (Ha Ha).

Geoff Ross