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November 10, 1999, 04:56 PM
I'm sure this will seem like a stupid question to many, but here goes...

What benefit do ghost ring sights provide?

I'm unfamiliar with combat type shotguns and their features. I've just got an old Winchester O/U, but I'd like to purchase a defense shotgun soon.

Furthermore, what features are important to everyone in a combat/defense shotgun?

Thanks in advance.


Dave McC
November 10, 1999, 05:48 PM
Advantage of a ghost ring sight is basically speed and accuracy. It's a fast peep. Instead of using a made GRS, I use a Lyman or Williams peep sight and remove the aperture.

As for features of a combat shotgun...


At least 20 ga.

Ammo capacity of at least two shots.

Full stock, no pistol grips.

Then instead of bells and whistles, buyamessa ammo and shoot the darn thing.

After that, it's personal preference.

My personal preference,a Remington 870, with 18" bbl,peep sight with hooded front, sidesaddle, trigger job and extended forcing cone.


First, after a lifetime of shooting,and a decade of instructing, the only folks I've seen move past bare minimum with the combat shotgun were those folks who LIKED shooting shotgun. If you don't, you'd better be served by another weapon.

Second, there's been much BS about pattern spread. At HD ranges, the pattern is mere inches across. A combat shotgun must be aimed, and a shotgun is not a good substitute for shooting skills.

Hope this helps...

November 11, 1999, 04:33 AM
Dave is definitly right on the money.

I have MMC ghost rings and love them but they cost a little about 250 installed. You dont just point in general direction as many would have you believe. You would not want that to be the case anyway as the pattern starts to have holes in it at very close (combat) ranges. Thats why lengthening forcing cone helps control pattern and reduces recoil a little. I belive in highcapcity for shotgun as you can give each BG multipul servings. I used to shoot benelli a lot and the damn thing loves ammo, you run dry before you know it. I'd cap it off with 9 shots and if that doesnt defuse situ then your shootin sucks or target is heavily armored and or barricaded, then open safe and get 308 with multipul 20rd mags.

Good luck, The Kalifornia Kommando.