View Full Version : Earl's Repair Service (Walther)

February 28, 2002, 10:50 PM
A few weeks ago, I ordered an 87mm barrel for my new P22 on Earl's website at


Some time goes by, and I call to verify my order. I'm told that 87mm barrels will be in early in February (temp out of stock).

Gets to be mid-February. I'm still not concerned, as I have heard that Earl actually goes to Germany to pick stuff up.

Around the 17th, I decide a follow-up call is not unreasonable. I speak to someone (I think it was Earl himself, maybe not), who says order seems to be missing.

Now, you're thinking this is a horror-story thread.

Not so, Jose!

I hear profuse apologies, sincerely given, even though I can't remember who I talked to previously, the date, or anything else, except that I'm sure I ordered. (Duh, I forget to mention the bit about barrels coming in early in Feb., which I couldn't make up).

In any case, I still get a sincere apology, and a promise to ship barrel that day. What the heck, I get another magazine while I've got him on the phone. This is on Feb 22.

Today, I receive my 87mm barrel kit, and my mag, exactly as promised. Am I happy? You bet!

Now some may be thinking, 'geez, why is he happy, it took x-weeks?"

Answer: S--t happens. I understand. I could have called in my order originally, (which is what I usually do), but I got lazy. Whose fault is that? Also, I have sat around waiting six months for a rifle to be built (by another outfit), and am in the third month for a rifle part that reportedly will be another month (by yet another outft), at least. So, maybe I'm patient.

Either way, what impressed me about this was the fact that at no time was it implied that I was a nitwit. I was treated as a valued customer! I received several apologies for misplacing my order (even though I couldn't really establish affirmatively that I had made one). This is my first purchase from this company, but not my last.

I will do a better job on my end next time, and I bet I get good service again.