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October 26, 1999, 02:26 PM
I want to buy a double barrel side by side in .410, 28 ga. or 20 ga. Unfortunately about the only thing I know about doubles are that good ones are expensive. I plan to use this shotgun for Dove, Quail, Rabbits and maybe Squirrel. I need to know names of companies, prices, and gunshops that might specialize in doubles. I want something quick handling, good craftsmanship, attractive wood and classic styling. Please any information will be greatly appreciated. Thank You. J.M.

October 26, 1999, 04:27 PM
my dad has a few in the gunsafe, a couple of Parkers & Foxs...

here is a starting point:

there are some new russian cowboy action doubles on the market:

you may want to wander over here:

any interest in a beretta?


October 26, 1999, 11:53 PM
Wow, you opened a real can of worms with this one. Doubles run from very cheap imports of questionable value to very expensive imports and a few big bucks domestic models.

Too bad you were not at the recent Vintage Cup S X S championship, you would have seen more guns than anywhere else in the vendors tents.

A new good quality S X S ( Thats side by side for all you home defense freaks) will probably cost in the $1800 to $5000 range depending on the type of action and finish.
Some makers to check out include Beretta, SKB, Arrietta, A y A, Merkel and Bill Hanus Birdguns.

A good website to check out is www.gunshop.com (http://www.gunshop.com)

Check out the websites above and try to learn a little about S x S's before you buy. Knowing the difference between boxlocks and sidelocks(more$) and the different type of stock configurations is important.

Sadly you do not normally find good S x S's in the local gunshop. Most likely you will have to go to a shop that specializes in doubles or deal through the internet. Do some research first.

Good Luck!

Geoff Ross

October 27, 1999, 11:07 AM
i was chatting with Dad about sidebysides last night

kinda strange that a classic gun like this is rare... why are O/U's more popular? I grew up hunting Pheasants with Brittany spaniels. S/S was the norm.

There is a company called American Arms that seems to make a reasonably prices S/S gun

they have a couple of models
American Arms, Inc
715 Armour Road
N. Kansas City, MO 64116
(816) 474-3161

any one seen one?


B Shipley
October 29, 1999, 11:35 PM
They make guns on the low end of things, but not bottom of the barrel. They are here in town, so this what I've heard. I think the shotguns may be imports.

October 30, 1999, 07:02 AM
K80 who can build me a Double rifle to fire 8ga industrial slugs, ya know the ones to clean the slag off kilns. Would have one hell of a shock value (3oz slug) I saw 775 rigby built as 10ga double rifle was impressed, but would up the ante one.

This would be for home defense\african safaris,hehehe

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October 30, 1999, 07:08 AM
My advice and on a budget:
Watch for a good Browning BSS at gun shows, dealers, etc. They quit making these some ten or twelve years ago(?), but I still see them in the $650-800 range from time to time.
Not rated for steel shot tho, and no choke tubes.
I have these in 12g and 20g, 26" barrels.
Very sweet and typical Browning quality.

October 30, 1999, 02:10 PM
I have a savage 12g side by side i use for cowboy shooting nice gun got it at a local BIG5 for abut 250 new. nice doubleside by side. well hope this helps.

October 30, 1999, 03:16 PM
The advice about Browning's BSS is good. I'm sorry I traded away my 20 gauge. Btw, they are factory approved for steel shot. Just don't use goose loads in one choked tighter that modified. These guns are a bit heavy for gauge but are hell for stout. An alternative would be SKB, another tough boxlock at a decent price.

October 31, 1999, 12:59 PM
Oberkommando you might try one of the British makers, they used to build all sorts of large bore guns and might consider building one for the right price (of course be prepared to sell your house to afford the gun). What are you going to hunt in Africa? Tanks?

Krieghoff makes a nice double rifle in I believe 416/500 nitro express. Handled one a while back. Talk about impressive!

Double rifles are something else, I'm gonna get one some day...some day.

Geoff Ross

November 5, 1999, 01:25 PM
I just talked to Browning.
BSS definitely NOT approved for steel shot.
Found out they were made from '73 to'87, my 12g is a '73. Haven't had the 20g out yet.