View Full Version : Need help picking ghost ring sights...

November 3, 1999, 07:20 PM
Got a new 870, and looking to add some ghost rings. Heard that Sage and MMC are the best. Scattergun Technology sights are popular, but heard of durability issues with them. And now I hear Trijicon has ghost rings on the market.

It seems like a lot of members have combat shotguns, so there must be a lot of opinions. Any help would be appreciated!

Bennett Richards
November 3, 1999, 09:02 PM
Wilson Combat bought out SCT and now is CNC machining the SCT ghost ring sights. Should be a lot better now.


November 4, 1999, 03:26 AM
Just got 870 back from hans vang with MMC and am very impressed, esp. the elevation adj turn screw with shell head to adjust and will go up while turning, and once you reach max height it will go back down if you continue to turn (you can't screw it up by overdoing it (no pun intended)) I would buy the MMC again, hell I got a benelli getting them now from GG&G in arizona. I really like the rear ghost ring as it is truly ghost like, my previous factory ring on my benelli (now lost from falling off) was too thick and did not "haze" as does my MMC it was more like a peep to me.

November 4, 1999, 03:55 AM
I really like my MMC sights on My 11-87 Police. Had a set of the SGT sights but sent them back and have seen the Sage sights in the past and was very un-impressed with their quality. The MMC sights are very well made and fit and shoot great.


Bennett Richards
November 5, 1999, 12:44 AM

What front sight did Vang put on your 870? If I have my marine done they said that they would have to use the ScatterGun Tech. front sight and the MMC rear.

What other stuff did Vang do to your 870 and how do you like it?


November 5, 1999, 03:15 AM
"Bennett lets party" remember the end of commando?

I have standard MMC front and my buddy got standard with tritium insert. They make a banded front you could use if not the standard, maybe your finish would be damaged from welding on the front sight? I got about everything possible except plastic furniture, I have only shot about 30 rounds 10 slugs and rest buck I really like gun the skill at assembly is very well done. Had tactical package, 3" conversion, pump cut for saddle, day glow follower, back bore, compensation ports and barrel cut to about 19". The patterns are definitly tighter and the recoil very managable, I shot with side saddle full with 3"mag buck so the weight there helps some. My last string was with the 3"mag and definitly noticed an increse in recoil over standard and tacticl 2 3/4"(but saddle was empty too) Vang is doing my benelli now. A nice feature is his perfect blending of vent rib with the front sight, mostly cosmetic but looks bad ass. I hope to do some detail pattern testing in the future and will post example of before (another friend has factory 20"barrel) and after vang patterns, between my friends and I we will have 3 full vang comp guns and one rem factory so I will post the results here when I have done the testing. Another thing I will check is the front porting on reducing muzzle jump, wasn't paying attention on last shoot, but remember no rising of muzzle. First shot was at 5gal bucket about 100yard away with 2 3/4" fed slug and hit right on. I am not a pump fan this is my back up to my benelli so my skills with pump are slow and awkward.

Se ya later ben.