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October 10, 1999, 04:16 PM
I saw one at the gun show and was a pre-ban w/ a folding stock w/a hook on it. Looked pretty neat and was asking $1100 for it. Is that a "high price" or reasonable for something w/ a threaded bbl and mag extension. Another neat feature was the pump and auto selection on it.

OK, another question, what will cycle the gun on semi auto? can it be adjusted?

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October 10, 1999, 06:29 PM
I used to own a spas-12.I believe the manufacturer went by the name Franchi an Italian made auto/Pump.These are now no longer imported because of the assault weapons ban.I believe I paid $400.00 for one of these a number of years ago.I don't think the price of 1100.00 is to far off base,but I could be wrong.Later,RS

October 10, 1999, 06:31 PM
Manufacturer : Franchi (Now a part of Beretta)
Type : SPAS (Originally stood for Special Purpose Assault Shotgun later "corrected" to Sporting Purpose [someting] Shotgun)

Came in

SPAS-12 : Semi/Pump, vertical pistol grip, tube magazine. Folding stock available (later banned).

SPAS-15 : Semi/Pump, v grip, detachable box mag.

SPAS-16 : Same as -15 but capable of Full-Auto.

Then there's the SAS-12, Pump only version and the LAW-12, Semi only version.

Semi and Full operation is gas assisted. The hook on the folder can be used as a carry handle when the stock is folded on top and as a brace under your shooting arm (outstretched) when shooting one handed (if you can with that 9 pound behemuth). Accessories include modified, improved, full and special shot diverter chokes. Mag extensions came in +1 (it think) and +3.

A very impressive (and intimidating) looking shotgun but very heavy, bulky, and long. A better choice would be a Benelli M3SuperDuper90. Also an Auto/Pump and a couple pounds lighter. You do lose one round in the mag, though. haven't priced them lately but they went for ~$600-$700 in 1989/90(fixed stock, this is around when the folding stock ban took effect).

- Ron V.


October 10, 1999, 09:44 PM
They were bad ass looking but what's looks?

October 11, 1999, 08:01 AM
Actually using the hook on your shooting arm and shooting one handed was easier than it sounds. The hook against the upper arm counterbalanced the weight of the weapon.
Plus it was fun to shoot that way :)

October 11, 1999, 07:06 PM
Not really a technical reply but did you see the movie, Jurassic Park? They were used in it. By the way, I love my Benelli M1 Super 90.

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October 11, 1999, 09:45 PM
If you want to see some real strongman impressive shooting with the SPAS-12 watch Terminator (first one). Arnie is shooting with it one handed WITHOUT the support.


October 12, 1999, 02:54 AM
Almost thought you guys forgot about Arnie and his performance, I would get M1S90 and for the price you could almost buy two especially if one or both were used. I really enjoy mine but watch factory rear ghost "ring" mine flew off into canyon near house and now am getting MMC replacement.

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October 12, 1999, 01:31 PM
all things SPAS:


October 12, 1999, 07:10 PM
Say, that SPAS link is kickass. Could have sworn A was Assault, have to look at my manual. Hmm, SPAS-11 and -14.

- Ron V.


James Montes
October 16, 1999, 12:04 AM
The SPAS is an Italian made pre-ban semi-auto/pump action shotgun. At $1100 it is too $$$!!! The beauty of a shotgun has always been the low $$$. You would be better served with a standard REM, WIN, or MOSSBERG which range from $200 to $300 NIB. The shot gun has always been considered the poor mans firearm, it is perhaps the ultimate home defense weapon, and it was the firearm that helped win the west in the 19th century. My $00.02.


Vampire Gerbil
November 4, 1999, 05:34 PM
I have one of the aforementioned monsters. (Pre-ban, all the "nasty" whistles)
Persoanlly, I'd grab one of my 870s or 590s before relying on the SPAS.

Mine's never been fired (like many of my other nifty weapons that have been totally outlawed in the cranky state of NJ)

One thing that hasn't been mentioned is that Franchi issued a recall soon after (1 year?) offering the weapon for sale to the public. Something about the possibility of a round being discharged while chambering a round. They offered to replace (the horrendous) safety and supposedly that would solve the problem.

I never sent mine back, so now it's a scary conversation piece.