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February 27, 2002, 05:13 PM
I am trying to find the model and value of a shot gun i own it is a single shot 12 gauge made by pedretti and imported by kassnar imports ser #is 027xxx it has a# 12 on top of the chamber it also has a crest under a star with a wreath around it PSF under another star a bird that looks like a dove and finito under another star all that is on the frame under the chamber when you brake open the barrel.

James K
February 27, 2002, 11:02 PM
I can't find that maker in the lists, but Kassnar imported some pretty good guns, so it is probably OK for its intended use. The marks are Italian proof marks. PSF is the smokeless powder proof("polvere senza fumo" - powder without smoke) and FINITO means the barrel was delivered for proof in the "finished" condition. Maybe they changed but the old mark was a lion in a shield, not a bird.

Unless it is a special trap gun or the like, my guess is that it would bring about the same as any good single shot, or around $200.


February 28, 2002, 08:40 PM
Speak Italian? This is all I could find other than some short references to good quality.

Francesco Pedretti
Via G. Pascoli 154
Gardone Val Trompia
25063 Bs Italy
Tel: 39308912339
Fax: 39308912339

And Numrich sells parts for some models.


P.S. - I found this Saddlery and Gun Room site from England that makes moderated(silenced) shotguns and uses a Pedretti as a base, among others.

"As with the .410 variety, the base gun is the classic, folding barrel 12 gauge Pedretti, which is almost unbustable and forms a good solid base from which to perform the conversion. If you like you can have your own shotguns converted and the supplier - The Saddlery and Gun Room also provide a moderator for semi[color=#FF0000]█[/color]automatic shotguns. which I wilt test in a later issue. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy then a 9”, .410 unit can be fitted to the end of the barrel which works well but adds to a gun’s overall length."

I lost the URL, but a Google search on 'Pedretti shotgun' will find it.

March 1, 2002, 02:38 PM
thanks that helps I was looking for the model so I could buy a new stock as mine was cracked after fireing it I found stocks at gun parts corp. but I don't have a model to buy the correct one.