View Full Version : Securing Home Defense Shotgun. Ideas?

October 29, 1999, 08:14 AM
I want to keep a shotgun handy for home defense. While I keep pistols in a gun vault and handy, my wife is more comfortable w/ a long gun. Problem is I can't think of a way to secure a loaded shotgun in a way that makes it readily availible (like the gun vault w/ electronic lock). Friends tell me they have seen a wall-mounted quick release rack, but can't remember where.

Any help out there?


Dave McC
October 29, 1999, 12:19 PM
Maybe some specifics would help. Are there children in the house, or irresponsible adults?

I'm tall, and one way for me to secure a shotgun from casual misuse and handling would be to mount it inside a closet,at the top. Out of sight and short folks would not reach it w/o much effort.

Or, maybe a triggerlock.

A pump kept cruiser ready, action locked, chamber empty,safety on, mag full, requires several movements to fire. The cogniscenti can do it in a twinkling, but those who don't know have to puzzle it out at length.

Hope this helps...

Matt VDW
October 29, 1999, 01:38 PM
If I recall correctly, you should be able to find the wall-mounted, Simplex-locked shotgun rack at the SM&A website, www.colt380.com. (http://www.colt380.com.)

I have an under-the-bed security cabinet that I bought at K-Mart (before Rosie O started her anti-gun antics, BTW) for about $70. It wouldn't stop a determined burglar, but it does seem to be strong enough to thwart children and intruders on a smash & grab mission.

I've also seen small vertical safes, some of which mount inside an interior wall between the studs.