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cornered rat
October 26, 1999, 06:19 PM
I would like to get a shotgun to learn how to use one. I suspect that I would prefer a rifle for fighting and I can't quite target shoot with one...but I'd like to have one anyway. I handled several shotguns today. Liked 590 over 500 (both with ghost ring sights), though not sure there'd be any practical advantage to the 590. 500 with g.h. sights was $320, 590 was $430. I recall hearing much lower prices from others.

Then I saw a Winchester 1300 (Lady Defender model, $260 methinks) in 20ga. It seemed to be well enough built, had a dayglo sight that I found easy to aim.

All that leads me to questions:

Is 1300 robust enough? I noticed much lighter AR-style bolt vs. heavier block of the Mossberg. I also wonder about durability of the dayglo tubes.

Safety is cross-bolt rather than tang. I dislike using safeties in general, but tang looks better placed. Practical experience, anyone? Do shotguns like these have firing pin blocks?

The loading gate has a hinged "gate" on the Winchester. I assume it keeps dirt out...but does it interfere with loading?

20ga would kick less than 12ga in 500 (similar weight). Would heavier weight of the 590 tame felt recoil?

Finally, I like to have cheapo practice ammo available. Are there any sources of 00 or #1 buckshot in 20ga that are less costly than the $3.50 per 5 that I saw on the shelf?

Anything else that I missed? Things like customer service, durability, safety, felt recoil?

Cornered Rat
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Bennett Richards
October 27, 1999, 12:54 AM
I do not believe most shotguns have firing pin blocks Inertial discharge is a possibility.

The True-glo sights are fiber optices and are fairly immune from breakage.

I find the tang safety great in that it is ambidexerous.. poor in that it can more easily be accidently wiped off..Too exposed.


October 28, 1999, 01:54 PM
I sold my Mossberg 500 recently and feel kinda nekid without it. But I saw that Wichester has a "Camp Defender" model out. 22inch barrel with rifle sight and it takes choke tubes. I think I found what I'm looking for. Just gotta find a store that has it...