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October 14, 1999, 08:20 PM
I read something in a somewhat older shotgun book about buying two Remmington 870s, a lefted handed version, and a right handed version, then simpliy bolting the two together for a somewhat rather awkward weapon, but capable of laying down a lot of firepower if needed. The article also metioned doing the same thing with Remmington 11-87s for a semi-auto monster.

Anyone out there ever herd of this being done? It involved making longer pins for the recivers and adding a barrel clamp to the front to hold the two shotguns together.

Sounds a little outrageous, but could be a ton of fun too! :) Anybody know of any laws restricting this kind of weapon, or has there ever been a company to market such a thing straight from the factory??

Any ideas or information would be very welcome.


October 15, 1999, 06:27 PM
OK, how would you fire the thing, two guns equals two triggers. Unless you have unusually long fingers it would be hard to handle.

If you do make one, start pumping iron, it would be a little on the heavy side, definitely not a grouse gun!

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October 15, 1999, 09:46 PM
There was an outfit in the '70s that remanufactured some Remington 1100s and 870s to the mirror image doubles. They mated both to a single custom stock and linked both trigers together. This configuration even made it into a science fiction novel. I do not remember the gun magazine articles. There were a couple as I recall.

The memory is vague but still it limps along.



October 16, 1999, 01:01 AM
Contact Bob Ford at Rocky Mountain Arms in Longmont, Colorado (800-375-0546) or go to www.bearcoat.com (http://www.bearcoat.com) and send an email. He manufactures unique weapons for the movie industry. He recently did just such a conversion. Was supposed to be for an upcoming "ARNOLD" movie. I can't remember if he ever actually sold it. If not and you can get a AOW signed (Any Other Weapon - like a Class 3, only cheaper) he might sell it to you. One trigger mounted in a hand grip. One handle to pump. He used Magnum Wingmasters, as the recievers could still be had in both left and right hand versions and were made of steel. How do I know all of this? I am former smith for RMA and held that weapon in my hands. Very heavy (about 15 - 20 lbs)and very awkward even with barrel length less than 18", but hey, a great movie weapon.

October 20, 1999, 04:35 PM
Heavy? 15-20 lbs isnt really that heavy... I think as soon as I can get back home I'm going to have to build one of these, just for kicks. I'll probably have to manufacter a few parts, but with a lathe and mill should be a peice of cake. :)

When I get the thing done i'll have to post some pics here for you all to laugh at and say things like "That guys is NUTS!" hehe

The only thing i'm worried about is the legal side of things, I dont see anything wrong with a weapon like this, but the ATF might, have to write my local representative and ask I supose.

As far as operating both triggers at once, I was thinking of just "pinning" the two triggers together so no matter which one you pull, they both fire at the same time. Any other thoughts on this?


October 20, 1999, 05:42 PM
Shooting that thing is gonna' hurt!!

October 21, 1999, 08:42 AM
I think you would be better off building a cam for the triggers b/c if you pin the two triggers together, you would be firing more than one projectile at a discharge, or however its worded. I think a technical case could be made that this is a newly manufactured machinegun, by the wording of the regulations.

October 22, 1999, 01:53 AM
I think you need to use recoil operated benelli's converted to select fire and belt fed, you will really rock or better yet use a modified G.E. MINIGUN that shoot 8ga industrial kiln gun slugs 1200 grains ea. Just hold on.

All joking aside I did hear that Honeywell made a mounted 12ga minigun.

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October 25, 1999, 07:38 PM
I would have to agree with the ouch factor. You might be better off using an autoloader with it's gas system to absorb some of the energy. If you want a preview just grab any two trigger double and pull both at once! Have fun!