View Full Version : Question abt Mossberg 185Db bolt action

February 25, 2002, 07:46 PM
I have asked questions about the mossberg 185DB bolt action 20ga shotgun before, and have another. :)
(it is a 2.75" chamber)
I hear that Magnum loads are not safe in this gun, as it was manufactured before the widespread popularity of magnum loads, and the barrel is not thick enough.
True or no?
And more importantly,
I see alot of 2.75" shells that arent magnum but have some other designations:
the word "mag" in the powder equivalent space; is it safe?
the word "max"; is this safe (n this gun, of course)?
"High velocity"; safe?
assuming I remove the choke entirely, are slugs safe? or do they in-and-of themselves generate too much pressure? (doesn[t make intuitive sense, but thought I'd ask)
Thansk inadvance for your time,