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October 10, 1999, 10:40 AM
I have just received an 870 20GA. This is my first time owning a shotgun ( I'm not new to shooting them). I don't want to change anything on it, was just wondering about any tips for care/cleaning, shot selection ect. Any help would be appreciated. Any sites that explain detailed diss. would help also. I know barrel, slide, & bolt removal, but that is as far as I know how to go. Thanks guys.

Josh D
October 10, 1999, 10:51 PM
I have one too. Its an 870 Express Magnum 20ga. If yours is a Wingmaster, it is different than mine. If its the same, here are some things I have noticed.

1- Keep oil on the reciever and barrel, especially the reciever, all the time. ALL the time. If you handle it and don't put oil on it when done for the day, you will not have a reciever after a few years. Rusts easily. I like CLP.

2- When mine was new(got it NIB), it was kinda stiff. You need to pump it hard when you first get it.

3- When you put a shell in from the bottom into the magazine, make sure you push it all the way in so it makes a "click". If one gets pushed back behind the shell elevator, it is trouble.

4- I have worn the finish off of my bolt and the reciever finish is starting to thin, so if that happens to you, you are not alone.

5- Three things you need to do:

1- Put at least half a case of shells through it very fast. No real purpose, but a lot of fun.
2- Hunt with it in the mud and get it dirty. I found this to be exciting for some reason??? Guess I am a wacko.
3- Have fun with it. IMHO, more than any other gun, this one is a tool, pure and simple. This is the most important rule.

Don't turn around, uh oh oh, der kommisar is in town, uh oh oh!

October 11, 1999, 05:49 AM
Thanks Josh, that's the kind of things I was looking for. Mine is a wingmaster. I do plan to do a little hunting with it this fall, but mostly just plan to have some fun with it.

Dave McC
October 15, 1999, 05:12 AM
870s will outlast us by generations. FYI, John Browning originally held the patents on the design.

There's 4 870s here, counting Daughter's 20 ga. The other three have all been bought used, sometimes very used. ALl work fine, tho the 20 is a bit stiff compared to the others. A few thousand rounds will fix that.

After cleaning, close the action and place one drop of Break Free on each action bar where it enters the receiver.Work the action a few times to distribute the lube. This will take some roughness out of the stroke.

October 16, 1999, 01:15 AM
Consider removing the trigger group at least once a season and cleaning it by spraying with an aerosol cleaner, your choice. Trigger group held in by the two large push out pins in the lower portion of reciever. If not comfortable doing it yourself, and I do understand, take it to a smith. A DCOA (Disassemble, Clean, Oil, Assemble) shouldn't cost more than $50 and will guarantee all that old powder residue is cleaned out every year. Of course, it you don't put many rounds through it (less than 200) then maybe go every two or three years.