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Zach Vonler
October 5, 1999, 01:53 PM
Is it legal to modify a semiautomatic shotgun to hold more than 5 rounds in the magazine? For that matter, are there limits on the magazine capacity of repeater shotguns?

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October 5, 1999, 06:00 PM
For semiautos you can have 10 rounds, just like pistols. Pump guns are not affected, pre-ban guns are not affected.

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October 5, 1999, 07:37 PM

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Zach Vonler
October 6, 1999, 11:18 AM
Regarding pistol grip -- does anyone else know for sure? The gun I'm considering extending is a Benelli M1 (which has a pistol grip and full stock) so it's important to know whether that's alright.

October 6, 1999, 12:51 PM
If the Benelli M1 Super 90 your purchasing is post-ban and has a pistol grip stock, you cannot add the magazine tube extension.

October 6, 1999, 06:36 PM
Pete 80 is correct. A pre-ban semi-automatic shotgun can have an "extended" magazine attatched regardless of the configuration of the stock. Post-ban models are only allowed a maximum of a 5 round magazine tube if also equipped w/ a pistol grip stock. Using a standard stock allows you to attatch an extended magazine tube. (all pursuant to local/state laws) Contact the indivual manufacturer to leasrn the actual date of production for a given serial number.

October 6, 1999, 07:01 PM
Also check your fish and game requirements if you're wandering around in the woods with your shotgun. Pick this up at WalMart or any real sporting goods store. You'll need to have a 3-round plug (that can't be removed w/o disassembling the gun) for hunting. Obviously, this isn't an issue if you only shoot at a range.

Ice Man
October 11, 1999, 02:20 AM
A bit off topic, but still pertinent: If you had your druthers (silly nonsensical laws not an issue), would you rather have the stock with the pistol grip or without? Some contend that the pistol grip is a detriment in a weapons retention situation (angles wrist too severely), while others point out that the pistol grip limits muzzle climb and may? reduce felt recoil. (have also heard that pistol grip may cause the brunt of recoil to go to the hand, with ensuing nerve damage? Would appreciate accounts of actual experience using both set-ups.

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October 12, 1999, 02:01 AM
Never heard of 10 rd limit on shotguns, not using box mag or cylinder, Benneli competition gun can hold total of 11 9 in the mag 1 on carrier and 1 in chamber. Pete is definitly correct have called HK personaly and that is what they have said, choose your pleasure or pain which ever is aplicable, I have straight stock but would like to try pistol, of course would take off extension.

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