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Bill Mitchell
October 6, 1999, 07:43 PM
I recently acquired a Remington 1100. It has a barrel marked "Hastings-Made in France". It only came with the choke tube that was installed. I bought a Remington choke tube,but it doesn't fit. The choke that came with gun is longer than the Rem-Choke and has more thread area. Now,the choke that came with the gun is about 2 1/8 inches long and has about 13/16 long thread area. The choke is .812 wide,which appears to be about standard. But,in comparing the threads to the Rem-Choke,the thread count doesn't appear to be the standard 32 TPI-it looks like it has fewer threads per inch. The choke simply has "MOD" stamped on it,no other markings. The four notches at the top of the choke for the wrench are smaller than the Rem-Choke notches-thy're about as wide as a quarter.

I went through my Brownell's catalog and couldn't seem to match it up anything in there,though it may.

Any help with identifying this choke type,or suggestions on how to redo this gun to get chokes to fit it,would be appreciated.


Gun Docc
October 6, 1999, 11:01 PM
the barrel you speak of is one of the first barrels produced by hastings as a replacement for the remington guns and the first barrels were threaded with what I think hastings refered to as hastings choke tube II barrel.
they used 2 different tube designations on the first barrels they produced and one was a tru-choke and the other was a metric thread.(the choke is simalar to ones made by american arms imported guns)
the one you got sounds like a metric thread tube with it's length as it is longer than the tru-choke was.
the barrel can easily be modified to accept standard style tubes as with the choke tube you have is measuring .812 then the barrel should be big enough to handle the modification

Gun Docc

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