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October 1, 1999, 08:01 PM
I'm can say with ease I've done only a small amount of research on the shotgun slug for hunting. I know the foster kills due to soft construction compared to the sabot's speed. I know from recent experience that my 870 with it's 3" screw-in choke sends 1 ounces of soft lead to the target, accurately out 100 yrds. The wad was left as my trophy on the chest of the 200lb. PA doe it found last year! Yeah.. big hunks of lead! I need everyones advise on using the same 870 SP for Baar. Should the slug be of heavier construction or should the same Rem, 1-ounce Slugger be imployed. My buddy says.."it must be harder to pass thru" but I kinda fiqure the same load that busted deer will work.

October 1, 1999, 10:17 PM
I shot a black bear over bait,10yards, with the brenneke slug. I decided on the brenneke because it does NOT expand. It has a large enough diameter that all I want is as much penetration as possible. With a bear that has lots of fat the important thing is what angle the shot is and how much body must be penetrated to hit the vitials. I also wanted a hole on both sides of the bear for LOTS of blood to leak out of.

October 2, 1999, 04:32 AM
I also agree that using the brenneke would be best if penetraiton is goal, I've tested slugs against a cast iron wash basin (tougher than most animals) and the brenneke did more damage than sabot or rem one ounce, or federal one and a quarter, all 3". Penetrated one wall and put 3"crack in the other side, none of the others cracked the other side. Slug weight was 600g.

October 2, 1999, 01:29 PM
All slugs actually kill through penetration. The Brenneke should be an excellent choice. Another good choice could be the Lightfield Hybred slug. 1 1/4 oz, 1400 fps. The advantage some saboted slugs will have over Foster-types is higher sectional density. (and therefore, tendency to penetrate more deeply)

I actually was reading an article last night where T/C 450-grain saboted slugs (this was a pistol round in sabot) were used in this capacity. They never penetrated all the way through...Whatever you choose, make it heavy.

Long Path
October 5, 1999, 12:03 AM
Also note that actually, most of the sabots do NOT travel faster than the Foster slugs. Indeed, most of the sabot slugs are one once, same as most of the Foster slugs. Spectre is absolutely correct that they have a better sectional density. They also have a superior ballistic coefficient, which allows greater stability at longer ranges. The sabot does a nice job of engaging the rifling, too. Winchester quotes some of the higher velocities for ANY slugs, with their standard Foster slug.

The neatest thing about the Brennekes is that they have such a sharp cutting edge, and they are so stable out of smooth bores, with their attatched wad. Truly, they started the trend, 50 years ago or better.

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