View Full Version : New 870 Marine Magnum One Peoblem solved.. Need advise on another

Bennett Richards
October 2, 1999, 06:38 PM
Took the stock off my Marine magnum and found an extra washer just sliding up & down the both that attaches the stock! Removed it and Voila! Strange noise now gone.
Fired a quick 20 rounds and found that sometimes after firing a round the bolt would not open to eject the spent casing, I would push the punp forward again and and back and THEN the bolt would move back and eject the shell casing. Can anyone recommend a good gunsmith to do a reliabity package to smooth out the action or is this just the usual breaking in on a new 870 Marine? Something I might look at myself?

Thanks SO much for all your help.


October 3, 1999, 04:46 AM
Did you clean the 870 before you fired it? Mine came filled with some sort of nasty grease that was pretty stickey. Well. filled may be a bad choice, but there was quite a bit of residue on the bolt and inside the chamber. In typical do as a say, not as I did fashion, I took mine right from the box to the range. I fired 10 or 15 shots, just to see how it felt, then took it home and cleaned it. It did seem to smooth out after I cleaned it. Mine is the standard 870 Express Magnum, not the Marine, but I would think Rem would treat both the same at the factory as far as packing grease.

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October 3, 1999, 09:19 PM
Your bolt release may have a sharp edge on it. It may just be binding. If it doesn't start to work after a couple more boxes of shells and a thorough cleaning take it to a smith or send it back to Remington to take a look at it.