View Full Version : HELP Possible problems with my NEW 870 MARINE Is this normal?

Bennett Richards
October 1, 1999, 08:19 PM
I just brought home my new 870 Marine Mag and 3when I broke it down I noticed 2 strange things.
1. When I unscrewed the Magazine extension tube and removed the spring, the follower didn't just fall out when I turned the weapon upside down, it was stuck near the end of the mag tube about about 3/4's of an inch below where the threading starts. I stuck some shells into the Mag until they reached the follower then it and the shells fell out. It is snug at that spot. Has anyone else noticed this with their 870 marine? There do not appear to be any dents or rough spots on the inside of the tube...

2. When I turn the assembled weapon upside-down and then rightside up I somnetimes hear the sound from inside the weapon like a washer sliding down a long bolt. It is NOT in the MAG tube, and I can't see anything inside the receiver that might make this noise. Anyone else with the 870 Black synthetic stocks hear this?



October 2, 1999, 06:06 AM
1) Do any rounds bind "get stuck" in the mag tube or can you load the gun to full capacity and cycle it fine. If the firearm works don't worry about it. The follower is made of light plastic and weighs very little so they don't usually drop out of the mag tube. I keep a short piece of broom handle around to push it out. After the follower become smooth because of moving in the tube it usually comes out easier.
2) The noise comes from inside the receiver or from the buttstock. If it come from the stock there may be something in it. Remove the recoil pad and look.

Good Luck