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September 29, 1999, 09:03 AM
The latest issue of SAR has a writeup on the new military Benelli. Gas-operated using an "ARGO" system, developed in-house. Will cycle anything from low brass target loads to three inch magnum. Will not semi-automatically cycle non-lethal munitions. (Wasn't a requirement, only to be able to manually cycle w/non-lethal munitions). The bolt assembly is similar to the Montefeltro.
The M4 Super90/XM1014 (full nomenclature during testing phase) is modular construction so that the operator may exchange major components depending upon mission requirements. Standard configuration includes collapsible buttstock, options are collapsible w/ pistolgrip, fixed stock w/ pistolgrip, semi-pistolgrip fixed stock and pistolgrip only. Disassembly and assembly for reconfiguration and cleanding can be performed without tools in less than a minute.
External finish is heavy phosphate black on steel parts and hard anodizing on aluminum parts.
Standard sights are "ghost ring" style rear aperature and front blade. Front optional tritium blade.
Receiver is fitted with a removeable rail system.
Barrel is 18.5 inch with removeable choke tubes with a 14 inch barrel optional. Capacity with 18.5 inch is 6+1 (2.75" or 3") while the 14 inch is 5+1.
Overall length is 39.8 with stock extended and 34.9 with stock collapsed and 30.3 with the 14 inch barrel and stock collapsed.
The chambered round can be ejected without feeding a new round by pulling the charging handle to the rear. A fresh round can then be dropped onto the elevator, the bolt release pressed and the new round chambered. If the user wishes to discard the chambered round and bring up a new round from the magazine, he presses the small magazine release button located on the receiver bottom near the trigger guard and pulls the charging handle, thus ejecting the chambered round and feeding a fresh one from the magazine. The magazine release button is shaped differently from the safety and must be pressed in a different direction for activation. The M4 Super90 also comes equipped with speedloaders though SAR advises (wisely, I might add) against their use.
The safety is of the crossbolt style and is convertible for left hand usage. The head is oversized for use with gloves.
The only critism generated by the SAR staff is the recoil spring tube that protudes almost a foot to the rear of the weapon's receiver when the stock is removed and it is used with only the pistolgrip in place.
Overall they seemed very impressed with this new weapon.
Can't wait for a civilian version :)