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Dave McC
February 21, 2002, 09:09 PM
Some of us may recall me mentioning the lube from SLIP 200. It's a very good product, and seems to cut way down on crud and plastic buildup.

When I ordered some,the man on the other end of the phone line was kind enough to add a sample of their "Gas Piston and Choke Tube Cleaner". A 16 oz jar of same. I set it on the shelf and forgot about it.

Setting out to clean some assorted choke tubes, I remembered the stuff and opened it up. The directions were simple, immerse, let soak, drain and wipe off. I cocked my eyebrow at that, getting crud out of MY tubes requires a bit of elbow grease. So, it was T&E time.

I used the two dirtiest choke tubes I had. One was the rifled tube I used in the KO Brenneke tests last year and some hunting. The other was a Modified tube that had seen 30 rounds of buck and a hundred or so trap loads since last it saw Hoppe's #9 and wire brush. What can I say, my guns are clean but I forget the tubes sometimes. Old age is rough(G)...

Anyways, a jury rigged wire jig cut from a coat hanger was used to suspend the tubes in the liquid. BTW, the stuff looks like coffee creamer, smells vaguely like citrus, and is non petroleum based. Mrs McC doesn't mind the smell, tho she ranks #9 as somewhere between scared skunk and baby diaper in offensiveness.

Anyways, the tubes were suspended in the stuff for about 15 minutes, then hung over the tub while they dripped dry. A wipe with a paper towel showed most of the crud had gone,the Modified tube needed one fast pass with a wire brush to come up gleaming, the rifled tube(Which I expected to the problem here) was spotless. Not even a remnant in the grooves.

I then noted that the bronze finish on the coat hanger piece was gone,leaving that part steel grey instead. This stuff is strong, tho not corrosive nor terribly toxic.

These products can be found at gunlube.com. I've no commercial nor personal interest in these....