View Full Version : Choate folding stocks on an 870...Any good?

Bennett Richards
September 22, 1999, 11:31 PM
Just saw the top and side folding stocks by Choate. Seemed to lock up REAL solid. Anyone out there use them? Are they any good?



September 23, 1999, 03:23 AM
A friend bought a sidefolder Choate for his 870 and it was fairly robust and the locking mechanis was fairly sturdy. I like my Rampart for a side folder and a Remington Factory overfolder for the 870. The Choate and Butler Creek are OK in quality but I wouldn't want to buttstroke anyone with them.

George Hill
September 23, 1999, 06:57 AM
I loved the Butler Creek on my 590... Solid and did not give me a lick of trouble. Wraped a layer of foam around it for comfortable shooting. Worked Nice.

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