View Full Version : Price Western Leather (PWL) - A bad experience

Bottom Gun
February 21, 2002, 07:37 PM
I decided to buy a holster like the one Tamara showed to us on the revolver forum so I called the sporting goods outfit she told us about. The gentleman who answered the phone didn't want to be bothered shipping one to me, so he gave me the Price Western website address.

I connected to the PWL website, found the holster I wanted, and ordered it.
They were very prompt when it came to billing my credit card, but three weeks later, I have yet to see a holster.

After two weeks passed, I called PWL and got their answering machine. No problem. I left a message asking them to check my order status and left my phone number. No response from them.
After three more days passed, I repeated the process. Again, no response.

I called again yesterday and got a recording telling me the number had been disconnected. Thinking I had mistakenly dialed the wrong number, I checked it and dialed it again. Same disconnect recording.

I'm certainly glad I charged this to a credit card instead of mailing a check to them since I can have the charge removed.

My advice is to avoid ordering anything from this outfit since it may turn out to be a waste of time and quite possibly a waste of money as well.