View Full Version : Moss.500c (20ga), with Bushnell red dot scope, and side saddle with slugs!

February 21, 2002, 11:18 AM
Yes Baby Yes!!
I went pig hunting last weekend with this outfit and had a great time. Didn't see any pigs, and I'm going back soon, but this shotgun is a lot of fun to walk around in the woods with! The red dot is extremely fast for target acquisition. I had to order the base from brownell's, but other than that, everything came together very well.

Oh yeah, I have a SiteLite laser colimator, and when I used it to sight in the red dot, it was shooting 4" groups at 35 yards. "That'll do, Pig!"

Plus, with the plug out and the 4 round side saddle on, I'm carrying 10 rounds afield on or in the gun! Makes it a little heavy though...