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September 8, 1999, 03:50 PM
I'm new to shotgunning, and I'd like to know what type of shells are recommended for target shooting that are comparatively inexpensive. Also, are there certain loads that a beginner should start with, e.g., those that are less powerful

September 9, 1999, 06:45 PM
Pipper, I assume by target shooting you mean clay targets. Most Trap Skeet and Sporting ranges limit you to shot sizes between #9 and #7 1/2. And usually you are limited to 3 Dram loads. Larger shot often poses a problem in that it carries a longer distance and can endanger other shooters on the grounds.

Normally Skeet is shot with #9 shot, which is the smallest. Trap shooters generally use #7 1/2 shot with #8 shot used for the closer disances. Sporting Clays shooter use all three sizes with #8 the most popular.

International Sporting clays ( Known as FITASC) allows heavier loads but still limits you to shot no larger than 7 1/2.

If you are shooting at silouette targets you can use any load you want, but check with the range officer first.

Geoff Ross

Damn!...I need more practice!

September 9, 1999, 08:37 PM
Actually, I had the same question. I'm also new to shotguns (just picked up a Mossberg 590 home defense model. I figure on using the low recoil tactical loads for actual home defense work, but those shells seem to cost about a buck each at the few places that carry them. I was wondering if there is something comparable in muzzle velocity and recoil that I can use at the local range. They do allow shotguns there and I want to shoot as much as possible. But at the prices for the tactical loads, that won't be nearly often enough.

September 10, 1999, 01:20 AM
Pipper and my19:

Go down to your local Walmart--they have target load 12ga shotshell (#7 1/2) at the most reasonable price of about $15/16 for 100 shells. These shells are good for practice, newbies, and home defense--less chance of over penetration. Have fun.