View Full Version : 590 Persuader any good for a slug gun?

February 20, 2002, 11:13 AM
Would my 20" Persuader work okay as a slug gun (deer hunting) or should I just get a new Mossy 2 barrel combo gun?

AV1611 out...

February 20, 2002, 01:03 PM
It groups slugs really well at fifty yards, although I haven't tried them past that. Careful the looks of it don't scare the deer.

On the other hand, I think you have a good enough excuse to buy another shotgun if you want :)

Dave McC
February 20, 2002, 04:23 PM

Buy some 5 packs of various Forster style and Brenneke slugs and test them at the bench. Start off at 25 yards. If one kind's hitting close to POA in a nice neat little group, Huzzah! Buy a mess more of that one and get ready for deer season.

Double check at 50 yards. Beyond this, most folks need more than a bead for best work.


February 23, 2002, 07:29 PM
My 590 shoots well with both breneke and foster style slugs. No reason why I could not be used to hunt deer if you had nothing else. The Mossberg 590 would never be my first choice for deer.

February 26, 2002, 08:20 PM
My mossy 590 marine coat with ghost ring sights will group around 6" at 100 yds with plain old winchester 2 3/4" mag slugs. I've even carried it a time or two deer hunting although I never have actually shot one with it.