View Full Version : Deer hunting with shotguns

Futo Inu
August 31, 1999, 10:50 AM
OK, I know some states have shotgun season, in addition to bow, black powder, and rifle, and I think some states don't even allow rifle, only shotgun. But some states allow rifles, but have no "special" season for shotgun (though you can use them if you want) - my state is like this.

So, my question is, if your state does NOT have a season limiting you to a shotgun for deer, is there any reason you would nevertheless use a shotgun for them?

August 31, 1999, 05:24 PM
Yes, there are a few reasons why someone would choose to use a shotgun rather that a rifle in the regular firearms season. Most that I can think of would have to do with safety and the particular place in which the person was hunting. For instance in a small area where you would be limited to close shots you would not have to worry about a rifle bullet traveling a couple of miles in the event of a miss (you should always be sure of your target and whats behind it). Slugs will not travel near as far, and buckshot by comparison (to a rifle bullet)almost falls straight down. Buckshot may also be used more effectively than a rifle if you expect to be shooting at close-range rapidly moving deer in heavy cover where it would be difficult to get a proper sight picture and hit with a single projectile. Also, in some parts of the country, that is just the way its done.

September 1, 1999, 11:39 AM
Personally, I use my Benelli M1 for deer hunting when the area I'll be hunting in is thick with small brush. There is likely to be less deflection with the Breneke slugs than wth a lightweight rifle bullet. The ghost ring sights on it also allow for qiucker target aqusition on moving deer in the brush. Another reason is that one particular town I hunt in has restrictions and allows shotun only.