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August 30, 1999, 08:22 PM
Most of the people I've talked with pick Remington to be better than Mossberg. They cite things like better fit and finish, and durability (faulting the plastic parts on the Mossberg). What do you think? Is there really a difference between the two brands that is noticeable, or just anomalies here and there? Thanks in advance...

Mike Baugh
August 30, 1999, 09:10 PM
I have both a Remington 870 Marine magnum and a Mossberg 590 [not the A1] . If I would reach out for one it would not matter which one I grabbed , they both work great . I do think the Mossberg kicks less than the Remington , if that is a concern . I replaced the safety button on the 590 with a metal one [just because everybody gripes about them] , but I have never had a problem with the plastic button on my 835 Turkey gun . The stock is about 1 inch longer on the 590 if that makes a difference [I shortened mine 1 1/2"]. Good luck , Mike...

I should add that Remington no longer does in house service , I found this out the hardway with a new Police Magnum I bought this spring . It made 3 trips back [twice they sent it to a gun shop to be repaired and the owner E-Mailed me saying he could not fix it] before they finally refunded my money .

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