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August 25, 1999, 04:34 AM
I bought a Nova this week. Shot 100 sporting clays and a 5-pack of 00 magnum. My shoulder is sore. I"m looking for the recoil reduction accessary.

The book also says there's a 3-shell magazine extension and 18 ½ inch barrel. So far, I haven't found any accessaries. Let me know if someone has of a source.

August 26, 1999, 03:09 PM
I wonder if it's tacky to reply to your own posts. Oh well... for the benefit of any lurkers, here's what I found out since I posted.

I called Benelli: 1) They won't have extra tubes, of any length, in until next year. 2) They barely got magazine extensions in, and are now shipping them to retailers - they didn't get enough to fill all backorders. 3) They said they've been shipping recoil reducers to retailers. Plan on it taking a couple of months. I drove a couple hundred miles yesterday to get the only one I found in Utah.

August 26, 1999, 03:09 PM

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August 27, 1999, 08:34 AM
Thanks for the info. I've been debating on picking one of these up. Saw one at a gunshow a couple of months back for $359 IIRC.