View Full Version : Which Remington 870?

August 23, 1999, 11:07 PM
Hello everyone, I'm looking into buying a shotgun fairly soon. My decision has come down to a Remington 870. I will mainly be using this shotgun for home defense, but would also like to do occasional target shooting as well. Which model should I get? Your opinions and comments are greatly appreciated!

August 24, 1999, 12:17 AM
I bought one of the Rem 870 Express Combo sets. The Combos come with 2 barrels. The particular combo I bought came with a 20" fully rifled slug barrel and a 26" smooth bore barrel with removable Rem-choke. They have several Combos available. Shop around and see how much it costs to purchase additional barrels for the 870. The Combo sets are cheaper when you figure in the cost of adding another barrel to your single barrel 870 later on. I also purchased an 18.5" smooth bore barrel for home defence. Thats the one I keep on the shotgun most of the time. I feel with those 3 barrels to pick from it make the 870 a very versital tool.