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February 18, 2002, 12:30 PM
Howdy team,
I have recently added a 336 RC to my safe. It is the lever action that I've always wanted. It is a 1955 vintage straight stock model.
I would like to add a peep sight to this rifle and I have had good luck with the Williams peeps before so I plan on going that route.
I was looking through the Williams catalog and found that they offer a "Lever action fire sight peep set" for $74.95 (this is a 2000 catalog) and that looks like a good way to go since I was worried about the stock front sight being too low.
Anyway, I was looking at the front sight that they offer and then looking at my 336 and I noticed that the barrel band that ties the mag tube to the barrel on my 336 is ahead (closer to the muzzle) of the front sight.
I started looking at pictures of other 336's and I have not seen this on any others so far.
This is my first lever action and I'm not sure if it is correct. There is no sign of this band ever being anywhere but ahead of the sight. It is a one piece band with a screw that squeezes it together. Also it seems to pull the mag tube up towards the barrel a bit as I can see the gap between the tube and barrel diminish as it runs forward so I do not think I can move the band behind the front sight (after removing the sight of course).
The point is that;
a. The band on my 336 seems to be on the wrong side if the sight and I'm not sure if I can move it.
b. The band is only maybe 1/16" away from the front edge of the front sight so there does not appear to be enough room for any of the aftermarket sights that I've seen which have a lot of material ahead of the dovetail.
Do any of you fine smith's have any idea of what I'm rambling about?

Paul B.
February 18, 2002, 12:58 PM
Mike. I looked through my collection of early American Rifleman magazines for a picture of your rifle. I found one, but it is the pistol grip model. However, the barrel band is ahead of the front sight, just as you describe the sight on yours.
However, I have a sneaking hunch that they change to the current version to simplify manufacturing methods. Also pictured in the same ad is the Deluxe Sporting carbine, a half magazine version which appears to have the same sight as is currently used on today's models. FWIW. My straight stock 336RC has the barrel band behind the sight. Hope this clears up some of the mystery for you.
Paul B.

February 18, 2002, 01:34 PM
Thanks Paul. I think I found what I need. Williams makes a front sight for dovetail barrels like my 336 RC. All the pictures that I saw showed front sight ramps. I do not have a ramp so I was temporarily baffled. I think I got it now. All I need is to figure out how high the blasted thing should be.
Thanks again for doing that research,

George Stringer
February 19, 2002, 06:53 AM
Mike, call Williams and tell them what you're using it on. I put one on a 336 with your type of sight a couple of months ago but I can't remember if it was .490, .530 or .590 high. George

February 19, 2002, 12:48 PM
Thanks George. I did call and order the sights from Williams. IIRC, it was the tallest front sight which I think is listed as .570W.
I will post an update when I get them on.
Thanks again,