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August 12, 1999, 09:56 PM
Hi all. I have a older 121-M1. I bought it (used) with a small crack in the wrist of the stock. I managed to find another one in a odd parts bin. It cracked in the same spot. I repaired both stocks and the problem never came back. Still, I wonder. Does anyone know if any of the Super 90 stocks will fit this gun? Incidentally, this has been a superb shotgun.

Regards, Sharps.

Mike Spight
August 13, 1999, 08:56 AM
Sharps: Don't have a clue and I'm a Benelli owner. Recommend you ask George Stringer at the Smithy Forum or check and see if there is a Benelli website. HK used to market them in the US...maybe covered at their site...sorry, I don't have the address for either.

Good luck...

August 13, 1999, 10:04 AM
I have owned one of these for years also. It is my favorite shotgun to shoot. There are no parts that interchange that I am aware of.

August 13, 1999, 11:11 PM
Fella over at gunspot.com gave me the Benelli Website address. Emailed them and they said that the stocks won't interchange. :( They did say that they have the original stocks in inventory, still.

Regards, Sharps.