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August 3, 1999, 03:05 AM
What do you guys use to hold your shells and were did you get it from cant find anything good...except m60 velcro top belt bags with strap...Can you guys help me does anyone make a good vest?Thanks

August 3, 1999, 03:10 AM
I already have a SS and butstock holder
is that enough do you think thats 7 in gun

August 3, 1999, 08:30 AM
If you're talking about home defense, I'd say that's plenty. 18 rounds! Gads!

If you're talking about riots, though, you might have a problem. Buy an AK-47! :)


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Blue Jays
August 3, 1999, 11:32 PM
Hi Murray-

There were some great "posting strings" about this very topic fairly recently. Do a search on TFL and you'll be rewarded with some interesting reading.


~ Blue Jays ~

August 4, 1999, 02:04 AM
If you check in the Shotgun News you can find an ammo belt for the M1 Garand. I have found that these are the bestshotgun holders you canfind on the surplus market. Each pouc will hold three shells providing you with ample fire power when you need it.

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