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Gunga Din
August 2, 1999, 11:53 AM
Just purchased a new 590 and does not seem to feed properly when I pump then the action during rapid or slow fire sometimes it misses a round and the round falls out the bottom. Im not short stroking the weapon and I have used all types of ammo I just seems to me maybe the action is out of wack or something, but it does not happen all the time. Just wondering if ther is a quick fix or if I should send it back to Mossberg.
Thanks in advance

August 2, 1999, 09:41 PM
Hmm. This is a wierd one. What releases the next round from the magazine when the action is pumped is the carrier. It pushes the left side retainer or stop or whatever the heck that claw like part is called to the side which lets the round out of the mag and onto the carrier. So the carrier has to be in or near the down position for the round to be released. The carrier should catch it.

The only other way I can see a round falling out is if the sides of the carrier are somehow slightly bent outward or below the normal thickness and allows the cartridge to sometimes fall out if it's cocked in a particularly extreme angle (left or right) from the centerline.

Are the rounds falling out before the action is fully to the rear or after it reaches this point?

(In any case get it looked at.)

- Ron V.


Harley Nolden
August 3, 1999, 11:39 AM
Try a complete disassembly and really clean it. There are preservatives on new guns and Cleaning may resolve your problem.

Don't forget to lube after cleaning.


Gunga Din
August 3, 1999, 03:41 PM
disasembled and cleaned the firearm and now all is well for now.