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July 24, 1999, 09:09 AM
I recently purchased a FABARM O/U 12 ga (distributed in US by H&K for about two years). I chose a 24 inch "Super Light Lion" model because it fit me best. It is super light because it's made of ERGAL 55 (an alloy alleged to have the metallurgical resistance of steel). Of course, this lightness and fit comes at the price of recoil. I noticed an ad for porting by Mag-na-port in the June 99 Skeet Shooting Review and wondered if this might be an effective tool for reducing recoil. Does anyone out there have any experience with this? Thanks.

Bill DePaulo
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Rob Pincus
July 24, 1999, 09:51 AM
Angle Port is the way to go. My wife's 12 gauge competition gun was cut a few years ago, and we;ve had several friends (mostly ladies looking for less recoil) have the same process done to their guns.

Angle Porting is done by Ballistic Specialties, who can also back-bore your barrel and make you a grea set of screw-in chokes, if you are interested.


Art Eatman
July 24, 1999, 04:00 PM
Rob gave specifics; I'll offer a generality: John Satterwhite (occasionally seen on "American Shooter" as the shotgun guru) had his shotgun so-rigged back in 1982, and recommended it to me...

For a lightweight gun, it looks like the way to go.


Sid Post
July 25, 1999, 09:35 AM
How about some addresses, phone number and, web sites for these guys ;)

Thanks guys!

July 25, 1999, 10:45 AM
EDM (electronic discharge machine) porting is available from:

Mag-Na-Port International, Inc.
41302 Executive Drive
Harrison Township, Michigan 48045-1306
Tel: 810-469-7323
Fax: 810-469-0425
Website: ????

See ad in June 1999 Skeet Shooting Review, p. 43.

EDM is also discussed in the Sep/Oct 1999 American Handgunner, p. 43 (coincidentally)where it is compared to a variation/revolution? in porting from Tom Novak at Leading Edge Tool (second article on Novak's product appears at p. 120 of same issue.

Leading Edge Tool
Dept AH
7135 Country Road 265
Palmyra, MO 63461
Tel: 573-735-3700
Fax: 573-735-3800

Apparently Novak's innovation is too "taper" the exit of the port in order to generate increased velocity (ergo increased dampening of recoil). This is described as being based upon the Bernoulli principle.

Since I was an English major I am not in a position to argue about that, but I thought Bernoulli's observations were themselves a function of the Ventura effect -- which I recall from sailing. As water flows from a wide path, like a river, into a narrow passage, it speeds up. This speeding up is the Ventura effect, I think.

The Bernoulli effect, at least as it is used in sailing and I guess aeronautics too, is the decrease in pressure on the surface of the sail or wing, as a consequence of the increased velocity of the wind passing over it, and as a result of which the sailboat goes forward and the airplane up.

In other words, I assumed that the tapering of the port to generate more velocity was a result of forcing the same amount of gas thru a smaller passage (a la Ventura) and not a result of decreasing pressure somewhere else(a la Bernoulli). But I'd be delighted if someone had a better explanation to share.

Rob is looking up the contact data for Ballistic Specialities.

Bill DePaulo
[email protected]

July 25, 1999, 10:52 AM
While I'm at it, I noticed a new product from Hogue called CompStock http://www.getgrip.com/main/whatsnew/index.html

This is a funky looking "over molded" extension spring (not compression spring) with a "roller cam lever" that is apparently inserted into the stock.

Anybody have any info or thoughts on this. I guess I want to do enuf to tame this animal but not too much.

Art Eatman
July 26, 1999, 06:14 PM
Abruzzi, you're doing pretty good, for an English major, although it's "Venturi"...

Among other things, it's what makes a carburetor work. The carb's venturi creates a low-pressure area, sucking the fuel through the jet...Whee! More came from Italy than Beretta, etcetera...

I'm just real dubious that the thickness of a shotgun barrel would allow any appreciable venturi effect, and I'm real dubious that it would add any notable amount to recoil reduction. Sounds like a modern-America marketing tool, to me.

David's USP
July 26, 1999, 09:21 PM

I just started shooting shotguns about 3mos ago (shoot trap about 3 times a week) so my "knowledge" is kinda limited. I shot many of my friends shotguns before purchasing my Browning Citori Special Trap Edition (w/30" barrels). From my modest experience in comparing similar guns with and with out porting is that while the porting DOES help control muzzle flip(good for getting on that second bird or keeping the cheek from getting bruised) and contributes very little (or none at all) to reducing recoil. To put it quite simply, You need to add some weight or go with another type of recoil reducer. I purchased my Citori used and the PO had installed a Mercury filled recoil reducer in the stock (basically a tube filled with mercury about 6 or so inches long put in a hole drilled in the back of the stock then covered by the recoil pad.)

Browsing throught the Brownells webpage, http://brownells.com/homePage.asp, I saw a few versions available for sale. They also had one that you can put in one of the barrels, in lieu of a shell, if you don't want to drill into the stock. Obviously, if you are shooting doubles, etc, this won't do.

Good Luck,


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July 27, 1999, 08:15 PM
Have no personal experience with having a barrel ported, but I own a couple of factory ported shotguns. They do reduce muzzle jump & may reduce recoil. Back-boreing & instaling recoil reducers however, will do more than porting to reduce recoil.
One advantage in porting though, might be pattern improvement. Ports do a respectful job of releasing gas pressures BEFORE the wad enters the choke constriction thus,"dumping" the shot charge...so to speak, instead of "slamming" it into the choke causing unwanted shot deformation thereby improving pattern performance.
Make any sense? ;)

Ralph in In.

Rob Pincus
July 27, 1999, 08:44 PM
Sorry for the delay, here is the contact information for Angle Porting by Ballistic Specialties:


Fax 1870-793-0084

July 27, 1999, 10:46 PM
Check the technoid on the website

www.shotgunreport.com (http://www.shotgunreport.com)

He has discussed porting in great detail and also other ways to reduce recoil.

My own experience is that the porting reduces muzzle flip and increases the noise level. Some trapshooters will not shoot next to a ported gun because of the loud report.