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Michael Carlin
December 21, 1998, 06:00 PM
Today, having the day off I put it to good use, and picked up a 18.5" cylinder bore barrel for my Mossberg.

As it so happens I could not locate any H132 Federal 2&3/4" 9 pellet 00 Buck loads. I wound up with some Federal Premimum 9 pellet 00 Buck # P154 00. This is not the reduce veloctiy load you referred me to. Where does one find this a prices conducive to a good practice regimen?

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December 21, 1998, 06:09 PM
Michael -

It can likely be ordered from any good gunshop, since I do not know anyone who stocks it. Also someone like Cheaper Than Dirt or another mail order house might have it. In your case, Gilberts Small Arms Range in Lorton, VA maybe the closest. Last time I ordered it took about two weeks to come in. TX is 703-550-8005 for directions and price. Price is not much more then the premium loads.
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Rob Pincus
December 21, 1998, 06:28 PM

You might also consider the Federal Personal Defense Shotshells, loaded with #2 shot for indoor use. These are also reduced recoil loads.

Item # PD12


December 21, 1998, 11:52 PM
Michael, several distributors handle H132, ampung them Ellett Bros in Chapin SC. I used to sell it for in the area of $34 per tube -- 10 5 round boxes ( 50 rounds ). George.

December 28, 1998, 04:02 AM
What exactly is Federal #H132 00 Buck? I currently use Win 3" 00 Buck in my Moss 590.

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Mike Baugh
December 28, 1998, 02:43 PM
I buy my Federal H132 00 from Natchez Shooters Supply , they have it for $23.90 a tube [50 rounds]. Their # is 1-800-251-7839 . Mike...

December 28, 1998, 04:50 PM
David -

Federal H132 is a reduced recoil, 00 Buck load. As I recall it runs about 200-300 fps slower then the full power stuff (Federal calls it Maximum) and still puts 9 pellets of 00 buck downrange. Penetration is about the same as the fullpower stuff, although terminal energy is down. Idea is to make it more palatable to the non-gun nut, and smaller sized, shooters.

Personally I like it, I can recover to the second shot faster, and be more sure of my aimpoint. Altogether a satisfying combination. I have not heard any reports on its effectiveness, versus the fullpower stuff, from the street.

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December 28, 1998, 06:12 PM
Ye Ol' Dale Towert's Stopping Power Page rates Federal Tactical 00 Buckshot at 96% out of 89 shootings (as per Marshall and Sanow).

I don't know if this is the same load I've gotten from my local dealer (the shell says 'Low Recoil' on it, not 'Tactical'), but I like this ammo. The big advantage for me is that the 'Low Recoil' ammo is loaded to 2&3/4 dram EQ, and the cheap trapshot I train with (sixteen dollars for 100 shotshells) is 3 dram EQ; so I actually practice with a hotter load than I use for defense.

Or, USED to. Lately, I've been using Federal Premium #1 buckshot for defense. I like a lot of pellets and I guess I just want my shotgun to 'Be All That It Can Be!' And as for recoil, I quote my wife: "Piece of cake!" Ah, my wife...


December 31, 1998, 02:58 PM
Tactical buck was developed at the request of LE agencies who figured out they were not hunting deer in the woods, they were kicking down doors were shooting across a room. They also wanted tight patterns because of liability concerns. The Fed patterns very well, moderate recoil allows faster follow ups, and you still get 16-20 inches of 10% gel. At a demo one time I was accused of having a full auto Benelli and yes all the hits were on the target.


July 22, 1999, 08:42 PM