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February 15, 2002, 01:41 PM
I responded to a post on another website (which in respect to TFL I will not mention) to a guy "Buying 1911 Parts". According to his post, he was willing to "PAY TOP DOLLAR" for parts. I contacted him regarding $350 worth of parts that I had for sale. He responded with an email stating that I send him the parts, but from my description, he was willing to give me $200-$300... I agreed, but was reluctant to send the parts without any sort of compensation. I emailed him my dilemma, but received NO response. I had been burned via the internet before, so my skepticism was wellfounded. I contacted him again, but due to some misfortune I really needed the money. So due to my lack of judgement, I sent him the parts. The parts I sent to him were brand NEW, never opened, still in the package. I threw in several USED pins and parts for 1911's that I'll never use just to be a NICE guy. Well, about 1 week later I received an email from him stating that he couldn't use any of the parts or that he could buy them cheaper from one of his suppliers and that he could either keep them and sell via cosignment or send them back to me. I told him to send them back and thanks for wasting my time. He then claims that I tried to rip him off and wasted his time by sending used parts (I sent him ALL of the NEW parts plus the used ones which were lagniappe) and never even mentioned the NEW ones that I sent (which was all QUALITY, Name Brand stuff i. e. Wilson, EGW, Smoking Hole, etc)... Well needless to say the package arrived about a week later and 3 of the NEW parts were missing... He made sure to send the used stuff back, and even had the nerve to send me one of the NEW packages EMPTY. He claims to be a gunsmith in California and that the parts that I sent could be bought cheaper, that is fine but I am NOT a gunsmith and have to pay retail prices... I have sent him several emails stating that the parts were missing and that he could just drop them in the mail or send me a money order for them and that I just wanted to put this whole deal behind me. That was 2 weeks ago and still NO RESPONSE. Except for the obvious ignorance to my better judgement, can someone out there plese tell me what I sould do except FLAME him on every firearm related website??? His name is John Thurman. His business is John's Custom .45's in Oroville, Ca... DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS THIEF

February 15, 2002, 09:19 PM
let this be a lesson kiddies. If you are sending merchandise on blind faith always ship with a detailed invoice and prefferably a photo of the items shipped. Also always get package tracking and insurance.

polaroid photo - 1 dollar
tracking your package - 1 dollar
evidence - priceless

sorry to hear about your problems hope all works out for you.