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June 22, 1999, 10:58 AM
I had a little "accident" with my Browning BPS Stalker during bird season... While dealing with the dogs, I handed my shotgun to a "friend" and he promptly leaned it against his truck and it took an immediate nose-dive on a stratigically placed rock... The end result is that the vent rib was bent down to the barrel and the best efforts of a local gunsmith has still left the rib with a noticable wave/dip. The gunsmith claims that this is a repair that Browning would have to do. Is there someone I can purchase vent ribbing from? I would like to be able to keep the shotgun and not send it away for repairs.


June 23, 1999, 08:49 AM
Brownells sells a vent rib. Go to www.brownells.com (http://www.brownells.com) and use the search engine.

June 23, 1999, 01:50 PM
Thanks FAL308, but when I phoned them they said that they only have the vent rib for the auto-5... Bummer! They did say however that they could send it away for repairs and it looks like this may be the only way I can repair it.


June 23, 1999, 02:50 PM

If you have to send the barrel away for repairs, you might as well make it worth the effort.

Whack that "friend" upside the head with it a few times before it goes.

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