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June 4, 1999, 02:00 PM
Went with neighbors to range to practice on moving targets (skeet, sporting clays)...boy is this fun! Gotta have my own sg, so I went looking. Found a Ruger Red Label, 12 or 20 ga., 28" BBL, Over/Under.
The key words are It's On Sale!

Anyone have an opinion (good or bad) on this model? I'm a beginner - would this be something I would grow out of too quickly? Don't want to spend this kind of $ if it's something I won't like later. Also I'm not a big person, so I am thinking 20 ga.?

June 16, 1999, 05:09 PM
JL, I would avoid the red label for right now, it will probably come back on sale later on. I too am just getting into skeet shooting, I currently have a 870 express pump which is kinda hard to hit those second clays due to the pump and the recoil of 12 gauge. Since you are a small person, like myself, I would recommend getting a 12g semi auto. The semi has less felt recoil and allows for an easy follow up on those second shots. Once you master that, then you may deside to get an O/U of which you may then want to consider a 20g. I am currently looking at the beretta 390 and the remington 11-87 in 12g. Beretta has a better reliability record but the 11-87 is $200 cheaper. Good Luck.

Art Eatman
June 16, 1999, 09:48 PM
Red Labels have a good reputation.
12 or 20? Depends on your sensitivity to recoil, although skeet loads in 12 gauge aren't hard on MY shoulder. Padded shooting jackets help...

Regardless of brand or style of shotgun, the most important thing is the fit of the stock. The stock IS the "rear sight". If the stock is a bit too long, you'll shoot low. Too short, you'll shoot high. Clothing affects this--shirt vs down jacket, for instance. Also, "cast off" of the stock affects how your eye lines up with the sight line, from rear of the receiver past the front bead to the target...

Stocks are readily shortened, or spacers can be inserted under the butt pad. I guess this is 80%; cast off is the other 20%.

Good shooting!

June 17, 1999, 02:48 AM
My dad invited me to try trap & sporting clays a few months back. I took my M1Super90 as I don't have an O/U. Got to try out a Beretta (EE/LL grade) and a Parrazzi. I prefered the Beretta to the Parrazzi, but I scored better with my Benelli (traditional stock, not pistol grip). It felt better than the others because I have been shooting with it for some time. I don't think you will grow out of the Ruger too quickly, unless you suddenly become a lottery winner and develope a need for a more expensive O/U.
If you are concerned about recoil, I would reccomend 20gauge. You can always buy a 12gauge O/U to match should get the urge.


Al Thompson
June 18, 1999, 09:53 AM
Hi JL, If you can afford it, get the Ruger. I really like 20 Ga. myself. The vast majority of folks use the O/U and you'll want one eventually. The 12 Ga. semi is also a great choice. For a mixed battery, it's extremely hard to beat a 20 O/U and a 12 semi-auto. The 20 Ga. O/U for a first gun makes more sense to me due to it's better eye appeal and less recoil.