View Full Version : I HATE my wife!

June 3, 1999, 07:04 PM
Talk about someone you just can't stand! I weenied on the Benelli and bought a Rem 870. While I was looking at the 870's and trying to decide between the synthetic stock and the wood, the sales guy drags out a used, but perfect Browning BPS in 20 Ga. Now what can I do? $350.00 for the BPS with 3 choke tubes, or $269.00 for the Rem. I can't decide. It's classic,,,, BPS,,,no,,wait 870,,,but the BPS is Soooooo pretty. BPS. No wait, the 870 is either wood or synthetic. Enter my wife. "Get the BPS and buy the Rem 870 in synthetic" she says. Now the sales guy is just smirking, he knows when the "boss" is there he is going to make a sale!
PS: I really do love my wife, even though she is so damned perfect ;)


June 3, 1999, 10:59 PM
Hal, I have to leave my wife out of any gun buying decisions. The only word she knows is NO!


Mal H
June 4, 1999, 12:50 AM
Hal, great find! Oh, and the gun deals don't sound bad either. :D

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