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Billy Sparks
February 11, 2002, 01:51 PM
Okay I just was over at Beretta USA's web page looking at there over and under shotguns. Can anyone tell me the difference in the different models? I don't know about shotguns to figure it out.

February 11, 2002, 03:53 PM
Beretta like other manufacturers likes to have a myriad of models to confuse buyers and make last years gun obsolete so you will buy the new model.

Basically the 686 series is the base model, usually targeted at hunters.

The 687 models are slightly better in features, having parts that wear normally in heavy shooting easily replaceable unlike the 686.

The 682 series is targeted at serious Target shooters and usually has higher grade wood, engaving etc. Generally built to take more shooting than the lower grades.

The Trident is Berettas attempt to compete with high end guns such as Krieghoff, Perazzi and Kolar. $$$$$$$

The SO series are hand made sidelocks made for the filthy rich, us mere mortals can only drool. Fancy, complicated and not worth the money IMHO.

February 11, 2002, 04:52 PM
Billy Sparks,
Thank you for starting this thread! You read my mind.

Wow. Great response. They should put your response on the Beretta website. I've been pouring over all the spec sheets I could find and couldn't figure out what the difference between models was. I figured it had to do with details like metal finish, wood finish, engraving quality, engraving subject, etc. Thanks!

Chuck Graber
February 11, 2002, 10:48 PM
A few more notes.

The White Wing is a variation of the 686 and is the base model or introductory gun designed for the first time O/U owner. It also works as a knockabout gun.

The 686 is availably in field as well as Sporting, Skeet, and Trap models. These guns go for well under $2000.

The 687s go from under $2000 to almost $5K. They are all boxlocks even though the more expensive models have sideplates. (false sideplates) The key here is to look for the suffix. EL is Italian for Extra Lusso or extra fancy. The more Es and Ls after the model, the more that you are going to pay. The 687s also come in all the competition models.

The 682s are the ones that Beretta expects serious shooters to take to the tournaments. The dimensions and balance are specifically tailored to the specific type of target shooting.

The Trident is the replacement for the old ASE90 and Geoff is right about the target market that they are competing with. Mostly targeted at the over 50 shooter who has quite a bit of $$$ to spend and wants a better looking competition gun than the young punks with their $3000 682s.

I can not improve on the description of the SO series that Geoff gave.

Chuck Graber