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April 10, 1999, 03:18 PM

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April 10, 1999, 05:22 PM
All of the old Winchester Model 12 shotguns and maybe the Model 97 also had no disconnector and could be fired that way. There are other manufacturer's shotguns that were like this, but I can't remember which ones! Gettin' old.

Harley Nolden
April 10, 1999, 07:15 PM
You are correct CAT. The Win 97 did not have a disconnect in the system. Been there, done that. The disconnect issue came about, I don't know the year, due to gun safety and Mfg liability. Many, and again maybe all at one time or another did not have the disconnect.

One can perform a function check on any shotgoun or rifle to detemine if there is a disconnect.

POint the firearm in a safe direction, down range, and cock the action. Pull the trigger, as in dry firing, and hold the trigger back, then close the action. You should be still holding the trigger back. Slowly release the trigger. If there is an audible click the fire arm has a disconnector. If there is no click, the firearm is in either full auto mode,or if as you suggets, pump gun, there is not disconnect.


Azone Ara
April 10, 1999, 09:58 PM
Ithica pumps circa 78-84 did the same thing.

James K
April 11, 1999, 11:26 AM
So do most older Savage/Stevens guns. It is no real problem for anyone who knows what he or she is doing. I am told that in a defense situation it is a plus for dealing with multiple threats, sort of like fanning the hammer on a SA Colt.

April 11, 1999, 10:25 PM
"sort of like fanning the hammer on a SA Colt. "
And just about as inaccurate unless you are very good. But it is fun under safe conditions.

April 11, 1999, 10:43 PM
Be careful about trying this with the Winchester 97. It can fire before the bolt locks fully into battery. I've seen it happen, the results are not good.

Art Eatman
April 11, 1999, 11:13 PM
I've watched John Satterwhite throw seven claybirds into the air and shoot them all before any hit the ground--among other tricks.

He uses an 870 which has been converted to fire like a Model 12...

It doesn't take a lot of practice, really, to control the slide trombone--but it does take practice.

April 14, 1999, 08:29 PM
I just tried this on a couple
of my Ithaca 37s. both would slam-fire.
one was ser# 641XXX and the other was 341XXX.
both pre-date the 70's.

I knew some Ithacas would do this,
but never cared whether mine would or not.
(still don't)

use good pump-gun technique.

BTW, I picked up the #341XXX at a gun show
two years ago for $200. It was in unbelievable condition, with the exception
of a new number inscribed on the bottom of the receiver, just in front
of the opening. The dealer
said it was probably a government gun,
and they do that so it's easier to inventory
the guns in the racks.
Since I'm a shooter, I bought this fantastic
condition gun without *any* hesitation !

If I see more like it, I'll buy some more!