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March 12, 1999, 04:17 PM
What are your thoughts on the the 870? I am just looking for a cheap reliable shotgun and I'd like to hear what you have to say.

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Rich Lucibella
March 12, 1999, 07:42 PM
Seems the 870 is the shotgun of choice among the operators out there. Look at Scattergun Technologies for tactical refinements; Vang Comp Technologies for recoil reduction and group size reduction.

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March 12, 1999, 08:54 PM
I've got a 20 ga. 870 that I use for grouse hunting. Great gun. Never had any problems and love it.


4V50 Gary
March 12, 1999, 11:50 PM
My choice for home defense.

March 13, 1999, 05:10 AM
I've got a 12 ga. 870 magnum express with a 18" vent rib barrel. It's a nice defensive weapon.

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March 13, 1999, 10:41 AM
Thanks guys!

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