View Full Version : winchester 24 dbl

six 4 sure
February 8, 2002, 05:07 PM
Does anyone know where I can find one of these?

My Grandfather had one of these and after he died, much to my disappointment, I found out another relative snagged it before I had a chance to even say I was interested. So I've kept a lookout for one ever since, but have been pretty disappointed. I know it was sort of the common man's double, but I always thought his was cool.

Is there any company/dealer that specializes in winchester doubles? Or is there a good web site to check out?

Any help would be great.


Dave McC
February 8, 2002, 08:13 PM
Six, keep an eye out at your local ranges and gun shops. The 24 was a good, working class shotgun. Folks that have them tend to keep them.

Good luck...

February 11, 2002, 08:54 AM
There are usually a couple of Winchester Model 24 shotguns on the auction sites. Try these: