View Full Version : Subgun Match this Sunday Feb 10th

John T Wylie Jr
February 7, 2002, 03:28 AM
There is a subgun match the 2nd Sunday of the month here in Las Vegas at Desert Sportsmans Rifle & Pistol range .
This Sunday will be a differnt kind of 3 gun match . 3 seperate timed stages : first using a handgun ( 20 rounds minimum), second using a shotgun ( 10 rounds minimum ) and third using a subgun ( ALOT OF ROUNDS ).
Generally we have between 20 to 40 shooters at any given match. Normal matches consist of subgun only and we do two runs thru the stage for each shooter and use your fastest run for score for the overall results .This match the shooter will shoot each stage once for score - no time for brainfarts this match. ( awards are given for 1st thru 3rd in Open and stock class ) .
Matches consist of paper and steel and sometimes some " weird stuff "....like clay targets for a must hit head shot to start the run .
Anyone in the area ,come out and have a blast .Setup starts at 8 and the match is usually in full swing by 9 . Or just come out and check out some cool hardware....just make sure your full auto is legal . Pistol caliber only for this match , we have a big gun match twice a year for the guys with the belt feds .
Hope to see you there .:D