View Full Version : Lever Action Shotgun

December 13, 1998, 11:37 PM
In T2 Arnold has a lever action 12ga. My dad thinks its an old Spencer but someone told me its an 1800's era Winchester. I'm sure someone knows and if so is it being reproduced?

December 14, 1998, 10:05 AM
It's either an 1887 or 1901 model Winchester (1901 just updated 1887). Made in 10 and 12 gauge. Last I heard Tri-Star was going to make a reproduction. Don't know who the importer was going to be though.

December 16, 1998, 10:33 PM
The shotgun in T2 was indeed a 1887 Winchester in 10 gauge. I've seen a magazine article on the Tri-star repo, sounds nice but, it's expensive, about $6oo I believe. I haven't seen one in any of the gunshops yet.