View Full Version : .410ga.,20ga,or12ga?

November 25, 1998, 08:33 AM
what would be the best gauge to get for the home defensive shotgun that a petite woman can handle and has no experince with any firearms? also what kind of ammo?

November 25, 1998, 10:18 AM
Definitely stay away from the 12 ga. then. Go to a gunshop or gunshow and handle several different weapons. A lot would depend on stock fit. A poorly fitting 20 ga.would have more felt or apparent recoil than a 410. Also most 410s are lighter than their comparable 20 ga. counterparts. On the other hand the 20 is more powerful than the 410. Ammo selection is better with the 20ga. than with the 410. BTW Mossberg made a 410 home defense weapon with vertical foregrip that was designed with your situation in mind. Don't know if it is still in production. Whatever you end up with make sure it doesn't just end up in the closet or somewhere. Have everyone practice with it.

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November 28, 1998, 08:19 PM
My wife`s just a little thing and I`ve yet to find a shotgun she`s comfortable with. If she was an avid shooter I`m certain she could at least handle a Rem.1100 20ga. but she`s not so it`s academic. I`d suggest something like a Marlin Camp carbine in 9mm. It`s not intimidating at all to shoot but it`s still potent enough to do the job. Magsafes or Glasers would eliminate any concerns about overpenetration if that`s a concern. YMMV Marcus

George Stringer
November 29, 1998, 08:14 AM
Flyer, I'd go with the 20ga. Little or no more recoil than a .410 and #3 buckshot. but, whatever you choose for her make sure it fits and get her out to the range with it as often as your schedules allow. George

Rob Pincus
December 3, 1998, 05:24 PM
Send those small women out to a ladies clay shoot some time, they'll find her a gun and she'll find some friends. And, whatever you do, don't try to teach your wives how to shoot. That endeavor keeps counselors and homicide detectives in business.

Meanwhile, get a short barreled 20 gauge "coach gun" side by side for her to have in the bedroom. Kick will be irrelevent under the stress of saving her own life and it will require 25% of the accuracy skills of the carbine at worst.

My petite wife gets mad if someone hands her anything but a 12 gauge.