View Full Version : Shotgun techniques

November 8, 1998, 11:36 AM
I just got done reading Stressfire II by Mas Ayoob. Whie I found Stressfire to be very educational and usefull ,Stressfire II has me a bit confused. The techniques seem to be at times contradictory. What`re your opinions? Any recomendations for further reading into shotgun techniques? Thanks, Marcus

November 8, 1998, 11:15 PM
Thanks Erick,Ayoob mentions Awerbuck quite a bit in his book so he seems to second your opinion. I`ve only seen Suarez`s book once in person and it was waayyy overpriced,I believe I`ll look for it on the net. I`ll look for Mattera`s too. I`d love to get some hands on training but unfortunately it`s not possible for me at this time. As soon as I can though I plan to do it. Marcus